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 Secrets unfold (open RP)

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Yana Benora

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Test: GTC's unofficial Mechanical engineer, gunslinger and pilot

PostSubject: Secrets unfold (open RP)   Fri Nov 11, 2011 1:45 pm

In a dusty and derelict apartment outside the Nal Hutta city Bilbousa, a young purple skinned twilik peered with saddens in her eyes at her once home. The door to the apartment was half open and appeared to have been forced open. The interior of the apartment has been smashed and blaster shots on the wall told a story of a struggle.
A huge hand rested on the twiliks hand.
In a low voice the huge man spoke with saddens ”I am sorry kiddo, we came to late”. Tilan, smuggler and an old trooper during the latast war. He was her gentle giant and friend.
With the back of her hand Yana wiped a tear away from her eye. She did not want to seem week, but the message she got when she was on Nar Shaddar was urgent and had to leave her post at GTC . Some things where more important than profit. Her uncle even as he was a scoundrel , gambler and drank heavily at the local cantina he was the closest family she had.
She felt something was wrong and out of place. The message she got contained a hidden encrypted message she still haven't deciphered. Nathen was not known for computers and mechanics, but he was a damm good pilot and smuggler in his day, until he was forced to retire. He never spoke of what happen to him, but there is pain whenever he walked. Yana never asked as she was a afraid to upset him.
With slow steps walking over broken glass and debris, she systematically scanned the first room they have entered and moved towards the back into a mixed kitchen and working area. Here she saw more damaged has been done more violently then the first room. She smelled the sting of explosives in the air.
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Secrets unfold (open RP)
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