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 The Mountains of Home

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PostSubject: The Mountains of Home   Sun May 22, 2011 12:12 am

This is technically a roleplay thing, but as its not actually GTC based I figured the Weeping Wookie was not the right place for it. Anyway this is something I wrote for another board I'm on where we play table top RPGs, we added a part to the forums there for the writing of character backgrounds and I thought I would share my efforts with you here,
first a little about the character, the character is a Oriental style Warrior from the Anima game system, he wears plate armour and wields two Scythes, this first part is not about him but is about the homeland I created from him, I had three sources when writing the background one was the Anima source books and if you can guess the other two I'll be nicely impressed Smile .
Tristram and Nuscian are not alowed to guess as they already know . Razz

anyhow here is the first part of The Mountains of Home.

The Mountains of Home


By Loremaster Ermenred of Archangel


What a difference an ocean can make.

Though only a few miles from the main continents the people of Guanzhong have evolved a way of life that is in some ways alien to our own. Despite the recent colonization of the southern coast of the Island we know as Bekent, few people have set foot in the majestic mountain cities of Guanzhong since its inception 250 years ago. It took almost a decade of work and a great deal of my personal fortune to arrange for my year of study with the elders of the white peaks. During that year I was able to open new trade routes for the nobles in the south and uncover more mysteries about the workings of this hidden mountain nation.

In the years since my journey through Guanzhong those cultural times have begun to weaken, it is clear that the people of Guanzhong are not as open as they once were and exchange programs between the churches of the Archangel and the monasteries of the constellations have become more and more infrequent. I myself had not returned to see old friends and colleagues for many years, but when the opportunity arose to travel along what has become known as the “Ermenred Trail” as ambassador to the Empire of Abel I jumped at the opportunity. What I found was surprising. In the years I had been away both spiritual and technological advancements have been heavily subsidized by the Throne and its Celestial Ministry. The seeds of the empires current expansion were planted long ago by the a terrible act of terrorism almost 200 years ago, which saw the end of the peaceful co-existence between the Thysne (now the Guanzhong), the Angchu and the Sensali.

In the ages before the rise of Guanzhong the Island was ruled by a council with representatives from each of the three nations across the island, The graceful fishermen of the Anchu in the west, the hardworking Sensali farmers of the the midlands and finally the rich Thysne of the mineral rich mountains. The three nations had existed in peace with only minor rows breaking out in over 300 years of existence, there were even towns and cities that crossed border lines and contained citizens from more than one of the nations. However the ambitious Anchu people of the western lowlands had been gradually building up their military might with a mind to gaining control of the whole island. It was at a yearly ceremony to ask the heavens for good harvests that the leaders of the Sensali were brutally cut down using weapons bearing the royal insignia of the Thysne nation.

War was inevitable after this outrage, and naturally the Sensali would hear none of the Thysne’s protests of innocence. Old acts of friendship and cooperation were quickly forgotten and soon there were pitched battles on the plowed fields of Sensali and skirmishes in the foothills of the Thysne. Both sides took heavy losses in the pointless conflict and in their shared outrage none paid attention to the Anchu sitting on the sidelines waiting for the crippled winner to limp back home. After the Thysne lord protector Zhang Yide, was struck down in his camp by an Anchu assassin the tide of the war changed, the assassin was caught by the Thysne troops before he could get away, his body and weapons were used as proof to the Sensali that the war had been a clever ruse by the treacherous Anchu. The remaining forces of the two nations combined their might and marched into Anchu territory. Their accusations were not denied and the fighting that followed was truly truly bloody, by the end of the fighting all of the Anchu had been killed at the expense of most of the Sensali and a good number of the Thysne.

Now the Island had only 2 small nations with no leaders, conferences were held and terms eventually agreed upon, the two nations would combine under one banner, and the celestial monks common to both sides would form a ministry of governance for the Kingdom, and Kingdom it was to become, in what was initially viewed as an rash action the greatest of the Thysne war heroes Lou Guanzhong was crowned King of the new nation which he named after his ancestors who had come from both Thysne and Sensali origin.
Thus the Kingdom of Guanzhong was born and a long period of recovery and development began.

The tome you hold in your hands has been based upon my most recent visit, and could not have been possible without the assistant of Master Yuan and Master Shao of the ministry and the most excellent assistant of the Venerable King Wen Huang, current incumbent of the throne in the mountains. It is my hope that this edition of the The Mountains of Home will stir new interest for Abel’s Northern neighbors. We could learn so much from a stable and prosperous relationship with Guanzhong and I do not think it arrogant of me to say, that they could learn much from us.

Thank you


(End Wall of Text)

so there we go, feedback of any kind would be cool
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The Mountains of Home
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