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     Mmm Brains...

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    Character sheet
    Test: 4235

    PostSubject: Mmm Brains...   Thu May 19, 2011 9:22 am

    Sign Up Is Officially over The RP will be scheduled to begin on the 3rd of June
    Looking forward to seeing you all there.

    Here we have a cool little collaboration between me and Lisara in which we have decided to launch our own little ZOMBIE APOLOCALYPSE RP. The general outline has been fleshed out and the story progression will be monitored between myself and Lisara who will be the Dungeon Masters for this particular RP.

    The location is New York City for a number of reasons one being that I know the area and it is very diverse in which it offers a wide array of environments and opportunities for our survivors to explore/exploit the dead city. Now the story is to begin several hours after the initial outbreak of the Zombie virus though no one will know what exactly is this virus or let alone that it is a virus causing the epidemic.

    The island of Manhattan will be quarantined being that is where the virus originated and as such the number of infected there is far higher then in neighboring areas. This quarantine of course will not hold and the whole of New York city will be under siege by Zombies within a few hours due to the aggressive nature of the virus and those infected.

    Those involved in the RP will be able to decide for themselves where they are when the RP begins and when they will join the other survivors if they choose to join at all.

    Equipment and weapons are to be chosen at the writers discretion but we do hope you exercise restraint being that we want this RP to be fairly realistic.

    Now excluding me and Lis we are looking for two-three others for this RP. As for characters we are looking for mainly civilians who were simply caught up in the wake of the epidemic. So were looking for three civilians with whatever skills you can come up with, a cop/paramedic and the last role is a secret and has already been delegated.

    Now how do you apply well here is a small template just so that other survivors know a little bit more about your particular character. Simply post this template with your characters information here in this thread.


    Eye color:
    Other notable features:

    What your character was doing before the outbreak:


    Here we have the list of those participating in the RP and the order in which they will be posting.

    1. Zerstoren
    2. Lisara
    3. Quaestor Totekem
    4. Violet
    5. Doc

    Oh and by the way were not dealing with Shaun of the Dead Zombies. Were talking about 28 days later rage virus Zombies. Twisted Evil

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    Character sheet
    Test: 4235

    PostSubject: Re: Mmm Brains...   Thu May 19, 2011 9:32 pm

    Name: Jacob Spiers
    Age: 26
    Race: Caucasian
    Profession: Bartender
    Hair/color: Shoulder length dirty blonde hair, tied in a pony tail.
    Eye color: Hazel
    Build: Athletic/Lean
    Notable features: He has a short cropped Goatee along with a tattoo on his inner wrist of a runic symbol the "Aegishjalmur" or "Helm of Awe".
    Clothing: Tight fitted faded black jeans, white dress shirt, black vest, black tie, black leather belt w/silver belt buckle and black&white converses.
    Equipment/Weapons: Crowbar

    What your character was doing before the outbreak: Working a late night shift behind the bar counter at Spitzers, Jacob stood alone polishing a shot glass as he looked over what was left of the days patrons. It was rather quiet and he had hoped his manager would have let him go home hours ago but as things were his manager Tom hadn't returned for at least two hours since he had left for a smoke. This wasn't the first time he had been left to close the bar but it was particularly irritating being that this wasn't the first time Tom had wandered off. Turning towards the television behind the bar a emergency news cast began to scroll across the bottom of the screen. "A recent out break of brutal attacks within the island of Manhattan have been recorded in outstanding numbers. The police commissioner has issued a warning to the residents of Manhattan to remain in doors until further notice. (This message will repeat for the next hour until further notice)."

    Staring at the television screen peculiarly he set the glass down on the counter and turned to the news. The story was the same there, people roaming the streets attack innocent bystanders at will. The police and riot teams have begun to mobilize in response to the out break of recent attacks on city residents. As he had been watching the television others in the bar had begun to murmur their own concerns to each other. "What was that? Did you hear that? What the hell is going on out there? I don't know but it doesn't sound good."

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    Quaestor Totekem

    Character sheet
    Test: 4235

    PostSubject: Re: Mmm Brains...   Sun May 22, 2011 1:41 am

    I have interest in this as I like zombies and the killing of said zombies, possibly the greatest example of this being 'Zombies ate my Neighbour's' for the Super Nintendo. (though I doubt Soda Cans and Squirt Guns will do me much good here Razz )

    Name: Tercero 'Cero' Velázquez
    Age: 43
    Race: Latino
    Profession: Labourer
    Hair/color: Scruffy Medium Length/Black
    Eye color: Green
    Build: Once well built but losing shape with diet and lack of proper exercise
    Notable features:
    Clothing: Dark Sleeveless T-Shirt with Deep Red Flannel Shirt over the top, Well worn blue jeans with belt with large metal buckle, Work Boots with Steel Toe caps, Orange Hard Hat from work Site
    Equipment/Weapons: Motor Bike (low Gas) Pool Cue, Bike Chain wrapped around Fist. Revolver hidden in Motor Bike Storage

    What your character was doing before the outbreak:
    Riding his Motorcycle to a bar (Spitzers) near his latest worksite hoping to be in time for a drink, Cero could feel the wind whip round him as he rode around looking for a bar that was still open, the streets seemed strangely empty even if it was late, speaking of late, who did that foreman think he was, they had better be getting overtime for tonight or words would be had. Cero was snapped out of his annoyed reverie by the changing sound of his bikes radio. The usual sounds of add separated music being replaced by some kind of recorded broadcast, "A recent out break of brutal attacks within the island of Manhattan have been recorded in outstanding numbers. The police commissioner has issued a warning to the residents of Manhattan to remain in doors until further notice. (This message will repeat for the next hour until further notice)." "Shit that sounds serious, probably some kind of turf war, man I am getting too old for this city, I need a drink" Spotting Spitzers, Cero pulled his bike up and entered the Bar to find everyone taking hurriedly and staring at TV screens, Cero looked at what was on the screen, this was all getting a little too real.

    hope this is the sort of thing you are going for, Smile
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    Character sheet
    Test: Cookies?

    PostSubject: Re: Mmm Brains...   Wed Jun 01, 2011 3:21 am

    Mine is kinda linked with Mandrayk's.... trying a boy character for once... we'll see how it goes xD ehm... well... yes... let me know what I need to change/add/fix

    Name: Jeremy Jones
    Age: 19
    Race: Caucasian
    Profession: N/A
    Hair/color: Shoulder long unkempt black hair
    Eye color: Blue
    Build: Average
    Other notable features: N/A
    Clothing: Torn dark blue jeans, black hooded sweater.
    Weapons/Equipment: None

    Finally, he thought as he approached the door his heart beating like a drum. The house was a single floor building with a white picket fence surrounding a garden that smelled of fresh cut grass. The door stood in contrast with it's black against the yellow walls and Jeremy approached it slow steps. While his heart was racing his mind was surprisingly calm and cool as he knocked on the door. The man was home, that he knew. Jeremy was also sure that the man was alone, his wife had left that morning and not come back since. The radio was on in the kitchen, some news reporter talked in that characteristic monotone voice. Footsteps could be heard as well soft on the fake Indian carpet trailing through the hallway to the front door. The door clicked as it was unlocked from the inside and slowly the door opened. Jeremy brought up the gun from his pocket and before the man could say a word he squeezed the trigger twice. Jeremy watched the man fall with the same chill in his eyes. He studied Him as He lay there broken and pathetic, drowning in his own blood. Disgust found it's way into the calm of his mind and he brought the gun down and squeezed the trigger. Again, and again... and again. The gun was clicking now it was empty, and so was he. “I told you you'd pay” he whispered and the was no mirth in the smile on his face.
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    Nuscian Mandrayk

    Character sheet
    Test: Galactic Trade Commissions private physician

    PostSubject: Re: Mmm Brains...   Wed Jun 01, 2011 3:29 am

    Name: Jason Mayweather

    Age: 28

    Race: Caucasian

    • New York Police Officer (Discharged)
    • Private investigator
    • Dabbled in Bounty work

    Hair/color: Brown, short, unkempt

    Eye color: Brown

    Build: Tall, Lean and athletic

    Other notable features: Unshaven (stubble), deep set eyes and slim features, rather unkempt appearance

    • Formal black trouser
    • well-worn leather shoes
    • Open collared white shirt
    • Black formal Jacket

    • Four Seat car (will decide make later),
    • Glock 22 (hidden under car seat)
    • Tire Iron (also anything improvised)
    • Small digital camera (spare memory cards and batteries)
    • Mobile phone
    • Canon EOS 1100D in Grey with 18-55mm IS Lens
    • Taser
    • Pair of Handcuffs

    What your character was doing before the outbreak:

    Sat in his car near nearby the targets house; a small single floor well-built property with its own lawn and garage. Jason took another slow inhale of his cigarette that hung loosely from the side of his mouth, the smoke seeping out his open car window. He’d been here for nearly two hours now; he had not left this spot bar to grab another packet of cigarettes from the bar. Stubbing out he cigarette in his ashtray, he brings the camera to his eyes and zooms upon the house again, the middle-aged man padded up and down the lounge. He was expecting someone. Well that was why he was here, it was a typical case. The man’s wife had approached him, she suspected him of cheating and was already plotting a divorce she just needed proper evidence. The women had been enraged, the boy was in stall for a whole mess of trouble. This was bog standard thing, it almost seemed stereotypical. But hey had to happen to some people. The money was good too, probably from a joint account. He shakes his head, whole mess of trouble.

    Another hour passes, we was quite safe and out of sight parked partly in a parking lot between two more industrial seized buildings. It wasn’t well lit and he easily blended in, others cars were parked in the vicinity he didn’t seem out of place. The day had been slow, apart from the strange of these random attacks around Island of Manhattan. He didn’t envy the police, it sounded like all hell had broken lose. He didn’t envy them at all.

    A figures approaches the house, he quickly fixes his camera into place. Time to earn his pay. Zooming in and activating the night filter he began to take snaps of the figure as…he? Approach’s the gate. A male lover, wasn’t unheard off he followed the figure with his camera as he approaches the door and knocks. It happens in seconds.

    The blood drained from his face. The newer comer stood over the husband a smoking revolver in his hand, all cartridges spent. He drops the camera, his old frame of mind returning. He quickly fumbles about for the gun he kept beneath his seat. He stopped a painful memory returning. No it wasn’t going to end like that. Grabbing the gun; as well as a few other items from the glove box. He bursts from the car door. Breaks for cover; keeping his eyes upon the killer. His heart thudded in his ears, the instincts had kicked in. He couldn’t let him escape, this was murder. Plain and simple, he had just watched man die. Shot down by…he didn’t even know who. A Jealous lover? Some unknown enemy? It didn’t matter. He glances from his cover, his logical mind began to regain control. Six shots he hadn’t reloaded, he had the upper hand. Gritting his teeth he bursts from the cover and makes a straight forward rush towards the killer. The killer didn’t turn; he seemed lost staring at the body. He stopped a foot away from the figure, taking a firm stance his raises his Glock 22 and stares down its sites. He didn’t want to use it; this wasn’t going to happen like last time. He focused, this man had shot another in cold blood in knew what he had to do.

    “Drop the weapon” He said in a clear, calm tone.

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    Character sheet
    Test: 4235

    PostSubject: Re: Mmm Brains...   Wed Jun 01, 2011 4:03 pm

    Sign up is officially over and with this the start date for this RP is set to begin June 3rd.
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    The Vigos
    The Vigos
    The Vigos

    PostSubject: Re: Mmm Brains...   Wed Jun 01, 2011 5:31 pm

    The Vigos have discussed and agreed that as this is a non-Star Wars RP mission, it will have to be conducted in "Open Discussion" rather than the "Weeping Wookiee Cantina", as the Cantina is reserved for Star Wars only RPs. In addition, upon completion of the RP, no promotion points will be awarded to participating members, as stated previously, it is a non-Star Wars and non-GTC RP, and thus does not merit points or contribution to the guild. Other than this, you have the green light to go ahead.

    - The Vigos
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    PostSubject: Re: Mmm Brains...   

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    Mmm Brains...
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