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 Thoughts & Ideas

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PostSubject: Re: Thoughts & Ideas   Mon Feb 28, 2011 4:57 pm

Codeyy wrote:

Search Parties

In SW:TOR, it indicates that we will be able to acquire raw materials and such to create new Armor, Weapons, Chems, etc. 

In my personal beliefs, I believe that the GTC should be the central of Trade, When either the Sith or The Old Republic or any other guild is in need of something, they come to us. 

Now for the Search Parties, I believe we should have search parties of 2-5 people + crew members. Searching for Raw Materials to bring back to craft therefore resulting in making goods for our buyers. This will make us stable and credits will be flowing through the guild.
This is virtually pointless due to the companion mechanic where you can send your NPCs out to gather and craft for you. SWTOR devs have made an effort to reduce the grind of crafting so I would be very surprised if anything like this would be necessary or even beneficial.

Codeyy wrote:

Diplomatic Officers

Diplomatic Officers; Now many of you are probably saying to yourself 
“ That should be up to The Vigos to decide wether or not to be allied with someone” And I agree 100%.

Diplomatic Officers would be in charge of finding new guilds to consider being allied with. Also, to find guilds that are free-lance military based. Meaning Military for hire.
This would be a great service so that when the Sith and Old Republic have a battle, we may have a force that they could buy. 30 Men for 150,000 Credits (Exaggerated and just an example)
I'm not sure why another guild would ever hire outside help for credits to help out with anything though... I've tried running this in other MMOs and even as a DE only guild allied with a Chaos only guild in Warhammer Online this never came into play even for instances (Dark Elves didn't have a tank back then so we just tanked with a healer). So yeah... no clue how this would work in game...

Codeyy wrote:

Trade Agents

Trade Agents; Trade agents would mainly focus on getting us costumers, good costumers who would buy large amounts of Armor, Ammunition, Arms, Chems, etc...

They would also work out prices, and would scout out other competitors to try and beat their prices
Again with the changes to crafting this will be unlikely to come into play due to the ease with which you can craft meaning that it's unlikely that any player will be without a crafting skill meaning the market will get more or less flooded leaving little need for these kinds of trade. High end armour and the like acquired with rare schematics and recipes might need this kind of trade network to flourish but there has been little information on this so we don't even know that this kind of thing exists.

Codeyy wrote:

Assault Parties

Assault Parties; Some nasty guild has just attacked our members and stole their equipment, Our Assault Parties will hit them 10X harder,

This group would be mainly for the Guys and Gals who love combat all in all. And aid our search parties and other individual scouts, making sure they’re okay collecting their Goods and Intel.
First up there is no player looting so no equipment stealing. Also we have no idea how open world PvP works yet (if it's zoned or not) and I'm not entirely sure if there's been a decision made about whether or not we will be on a PvP server or not (provided PvP RP servers are in the game). Having an active "hunting party" like this kinda goes against guild lore though in my eyes at least as an organized group. It fits more gathering any nearby guildmembers for a case-by-case retribution

Personally I'd prefer to spend my time roleplaying and playing out roleplaying events and scenarios, casually hang out in the cantina etc rather than doing routine work like this but this is of course just my opinion.
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Darc Akora
Sicarius Vigo / High Agent
Sicarius Vigo / High Agent

PostSubject: Re: Thoughts & Ideas   Tue Mar 01, 2011 12:32 am

Some interesting ideas Codeyy...

Like Violet said Search Parties and Trade Agents don't make a whole lot of sense with the crafting system being used. Also, the role of the Assault Paries would be pretty much filled by the troopers seeing as what you described is what they do.

We will certainly need diplomatic agents, but as of now we are taking an attitude of focusing on building up our own guild. Diplomacy is something that we are going to explore much closer to release and at the point we will likely recruit some members to represent us diplomatically.

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Thoughts & Ideas
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