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 GTC Minecraft Server *Important*

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Owen Keez
Corporal / Head Propaganda Agent
Corporal / Head Propaganda Agent

Character sheet
Test: Owen Keez

PostSubject: GTC Minecraft Server *Important*   Sun Feb 13, 2011 4:13 am

Hello everyone, Owen is here to bring you important news!



-Update: Feb. 13, 2011: Ok you can get out of the nether with another portal but it lands you in some random places some times, but luckily we have a map. Look below. Still for safety measures use the /nether sethome command before going into a nether.

- The GTC Server is no longer using the standard Minecraft server. We're now using Bukkit, which allows for user created plugins (there basically mods). We'll keep using Bukkit most likely till Mojang's Server software allows for such things, or at least till we can use the nether in it.

- There's no need to worry though, it all runs exactly the same. (Except for the nether)

- There is now a server message that will appear when you log in, if you don't see it, just press t and look for it.

Nether News

- In Bukkit, we can now use the Nether! Though before you go through that dark portal you need to know somethings.

1. Make sure you're an OP. If you're not an OP just tell me and I'll make you one.

2. In the chat you need to say /nether sethome
If you don't you may be stuck in the nether till one of us can teleport you out.

3. Also, it would be wonderful if you typed in /nether it gives you all the possible commands you can do, but please don't do the ones that let you cheat. Just the ones that get you back and forth from the nether.

4. It may sound like to get to the nether all you're doing is typing in commands, well, kind of. The plugin, NetherGate, creates two worlds (or more), one is the Nether and one is the standard world. So the Nether Portals act as a gateway to the two separate worlds. When you go through the portal you spawn in the Nether World (it will load the world as if you just logged in) there is no Nether Portal around you to get back to your beloved home.

5. This part I'm unsure about. I've tried building a Nether Portal while in the Nether and I appeared in a totally random place in the standard world. I had no idea where I was. So, I'm unsure if it created a new world, or if it just let me out in a different spot in our standard world.

6. So, I'd recommend this until we figure it out. There will be a stone archway, just for symbolic purposes, that represents what would be the obsidian portal back to our standard world. Hopefully, you listened to me and did your /nether sethome command before you came in the nether. You type in /nether home and you will be teleported back into the general area of where you did your /nether sethome command.

7. I hope to figure out some more things about the mysterious Nether gates soon. So stay tuned!

Note: Just stand where the Nether Portal is to get there, don't freak out and wonder why you're not teleported instantly. It's connecting you to a differnt world so it's like your just logging in almost. So just stand there.

Plug-in Requests:


You will find the plug-ins for bukkit in the link above. If you think one of them looks cool, just let me know and I'll see if I can get it to work. Also, Bukkit is still in development so expect some bugs possibly.

Last edited by Owen Keez on Mon Feb 14, 2011 6:15 am; edited 2 times in total
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Owen Keez
Corporal / Head Propaganda Agent
Corporal / Head Propaganda Agent

Character sheet
Test: Owen Keez

PostSubject: Re: GTC Minecraft Server *Important*   Sun Feb 13, 2011 6:24 am

Minecraftia Notice Board

(The Notice Board shows a story that is happening in Minecraftia. Who knows when something will happen!)

Chapter 1: The Warning

Owen awakes from his slumber, as screams fill the air. They seem to be coming from across the bridge, Overwatch Guard Post. He quickly grabs his sword and runs outside. As he left the garden he coild feel the intense heat in the air, something was unnatural about it, he was beginning to wish he had brought his armor with him. Owen continued along the path to the bridge, then he saw it. The bridge had been completely destroyed by fire. The path was blocked by this strange red rock, the fire seemed to just feed off it. Owen heard the whimpering of some creature to his left, he quickly raised his sword, as he did a voice screamed, "Don't hurt me, I'm a guard at Overwatch." The voice was frail and he was obviously coughing up blood. Owen put down his sword and went to the man. "Overwatch has fallen sir, they just came from the bowels of the earth. We had no warning," he struggled to say. "From what, who did this," Owen asked trying to get one last piece of information from the guard before he died. "I tried my best sir......" the guard took his final breath. Owen stood back up and stared at his now, destroyed bridge. Some one's gonna pay for this, he thought to himself.
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Owen Keez
Corporal / Head Propaganda Agent
Corporal / Head Propaganda Agent

Character sheet
Test: Owen Keez

PostSubject: Re: GTC Minecraft Server *Important*   Mon Feb 14, 2011 6:13 am

Minecraftia Maps:

Maps, always useful! Just click on the link and then find the download button to get the full picture!

Map Feb. 13, 2011

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PostSubject: Re: GTC Minecraft Server *Important*   

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GTC Minecraft Server *Important*
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