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 Addressing Members Of Higher Rank Within The GTC

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The Vigos
The Vigos
The Vigos

PostSubject: Addressing Members Of Higher Rank Within The GTC   Fri Aug 06, 2010 6:25 pm

The Vigos have discussed a possible introduction to a new rule regarding deference, respect and discipline within the guild multiple times in the past, particularly after certain situations, and lately we have felt that this introduction is necessary. The rule is that follows:

1. Whenever in a Role-playing Mission, or speaking in any of the forums and threads (not chat box), members must refer to the Vigos as either "Sir" or their given rank, for example, "Chief". Same rule applies when members are referring to a Commissioner, as they are the lieutenants of the guild, and are to be treated as senior officers.

2. Members addressing a member of a higher rank than them (apart from Vigos or Commissioners) in Role-playing missions and threads must address them by their rank, however in the case of the chat box, they MAY address them by their rank, however it is not mandatory. It is however a respectful gesture and is appreciated.

3. Whenever a member first greets a Vigo in the chat box, they must always adhere to the Vigo's rank, either addressing him by it, or by calling him "Sir". However, if the Vigo so wishes it, after the first greeting, the calling of "Sir" may be dropped, however it is a respectful and loyal sign, and is appreciated as it is showing deference.

4. At all times Recruits must refer to full employees and members by their rank, and Commissioners and Vigos by either their rank, or "Sir".

Having these rules set in makes the guild a lot more professional, as we already have a hierarchy set in place, and it is time we used it to its full extent, in all situation. If you have any questions, please send a private message to one of the Vigos.
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Addressing Members Of Higher Rank Within The GTC
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