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 Jedi Business (Open RP)

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Rasper Karger

PostSubject: Jedi Business (Open RP)   Thu Feb 18, 2010 4:22 am

(OOC) I have noticed that we as the GTC have not fought very many if any jedi/sith in our Rp's (forgive me if im wrong) so Iv decided to change that. This is an open Rp where people may come and go when they please and everyone is invited. Im going to try and make it so if people go away for awhile they may just make there character leave for a bit so the story may continue and people can feel free to join later on if they want.

Rasper listened to his footsteps echo down the hall as he walked towards his quarters. He was coming back from the training simulator and was on his way to take a shower. He was fully armored and was fully armed as well. His normal heavy repeater rifle was slung on his back along with his dual combat knives with a cortis weave. He had used any grenades he had in the simulator so he just had his repeater and knives along with his heavy armor. As he made his way along the halls, his wrist comp suddenly began to flash stating there was someone at the entrance. Rasper was unaware of any scheduled visitors nor did they normally have guests. Most of there business was online or through calls. Rasper figured he was closest to the door so made his way over to the entrance and look through a video screen next to the thick doors that remained closed. On the screen were three male's. One was a Toydarian holding a clipboard and standing next to him were two males. They were both waring hooded cloaks but the hood were down. The one standing closest to the Toydarian was in his 40's with a 5'0clock shadow and short hair. The other was considerably younger maybe his mid teens and was also much shorter than the older man.

"State your business" Rasper said into the video screen.

The Toydarian looked up in annoyance to the camera and spoke

"Im here on the authority of the Nar Shaddar Landscaping Byrou or NLB for short. We have had a recent crust shift on the planet and its my job to make sure that all the surrounding building are still structurally safe.” The Toydarian looked to the two figures on his left.

“these two jedi here are my personal guards due to how unsafe these streets are so by government authority I demand you let me in.”

Rasper had barley heard what the Toydarian had said after he had stated the two next to him were jedi. His eyes were locked onto the elder jedi who seemed to be in his own thoughts but the younger one who Rasper was guessing was the padawan was looking somewhat nervous.

“Let me see some identification” Rasper stated

The Toydarian again looked annoyed and reached into a back pouch and lifted a small badge that had the letter’s NLB on it.
Rasper figured it looked legitimate and decided he best let them in but the GTC would be watching, as would Rasper. He hit the switch and the door slid open and the Toydarian entered and the two jedi followed. Rasper kept his helmet on and gave a nod to the jedi. The padawan gave a gracious bow and the elder jedi gave a nod similar to Raspers.

“Well its about time you opened that door” the Toydarian snarled. He looked Rasper up and down.

“Say aren’t you a little over armed.” Asked the Toydarian noticing the heavy repeater slung on Raspers back.

Rasper replied “Well like you said the streets are not safe and this (motioning to his repeater) is more to scare them.”

The Toydarian seemed to accept the answer and began to move along the walls with no general destination and began tapping the walls and checking the ceilings. He began humming to himself as he worked. Rasper stayed a little behind with the jedi. The padawan kept his distance from Rasper and Rasper caught him eyeing his repeater a few times. The elder jedi however remained very quiet and focused barley even glancing at him. Rasper kept an eye on the jedi but not without making sure the Toydarian dident wander anywhere he shouldn’t.

(just to clarify what a toydarian is Smile )
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Typho Raame

Character sheet
Test: Typho Raame

PostSubject: Re: Jedi Business (Open RP)   Thu Feb 18, 2010 1:55 pm

Commander Raame was currently in his office, studying multiple reports of operations and missions completed by his agents and operatives. Each one had been sent in great detail, as he expected no less from the men under his command. Each mission had been completed down to the letter, all objectives executed with extreme precision, and ending with no mess-ups or failings. Raame nodded, content with them. It wouldn't do for his men to fail their operations, and there would be dire consequences if they did so. Failure was for the weak, and the weak do not survive long in the Galactic Trade Commission.

As he was finishing off reading the final report, an alarm sounded and flashed red next to his datascreen. Raame immediately placed the report datapad back on his desk, flicking the datascreen on, and viewing the interruption that was being shown on screen. He noticed that one of his lieutenants, Rasper Karger, was conversing with a Toydarian, and what seemed to be Jedi, from the clothing that they were clad in.

The Commander pressed a button on his wrist-comp, starting a transmission to Rasper.

"Rasper, report in. Give me a Sitrep, stat. Over."
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Rasper Karger

PostSubject: Re: Jedi Business (Open RP)   Thu Feb 18, 2010 10:22 pm

Rasper's comm began to beep and he saw it was from Commander Raame, Rasper fell back a little from the others and hit a button to accept and his helmet comm filled with Typho Raame's voice.

"Rasper, report in. Give me a Sitrep, stat. Over."

Rasper touched his helmet mic and spoke in a soft tone so that the jedi would not hear, thou Rasper himself was not sure if the jedi were not listening somehow.

"Commander im with a toydarian who says he is checking the surrounding buildings for recent crust shifts. He has ID to prove it. With him are two jedi, One of them is young and I think just a beginner but the older one I believe is the younger one's teacher and very experienced. There walking all along the halls but so far have not entered any rooms."

Rasper stopped and looked over his shoulder to make sure no one was trying to get too close. The toydarian was feeling along where the floor and wall met and the jedi merely stood behind him paying little attention to Rasper.

"How should I proceed sir, sooner or later they may find something and start asking questions."
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Typho Raame

Character sheet
Test: Typho Raame

PostSubject: Re: Jedi Business (Open RP)   Fri Feb 19, 2010 2:01 pm

As soon as Rasper answered, Typho had already decided what would be done. He touched his helmet mic once more, replying to Rasper, as he prepared to make his move.

"Don't take your eyes off them. Keep your blaster trained on the senior Jedi at all times. If everything goes pear-shaped, he's our biggest threat. I'm making my way towards you now. Just keep them stalled for as long as you can. I'm moving in."

The Commander quickly snatched up his DC-15s Blaster Pistol from its holster at his waist, as well as loosening his combat knife sheath. The combat knife was more of a short sword, fifty centimetres in length, and easily long enough to hold out against a lightsaber. Like all the melee weapons that the GTC possessed, the material that the knife was made out of was infused with a cortosis weave. The GTC members were no friends of the Sith and Jedi, and it would not do to be caught off-guard.

Typho swiftly left his office, already inputting the coordinates of Rasper into the mini-map on his HUD. He always had a blip reader for all of his Comitatus Troopers, so they would never be out of his sight whilst on a mission or inside the GTC headquarters. Typho just hoped that the Jedi wouldn't find out what the GTC was truly like before he was able to aid Rasper. The Commander was definitely sure that his lieutenant could eliminate the Jedi one-on-one, yet with both of them attacking him at the same time, there could be a chance that they might be able to overcome his man. It was a slim chance that it would happen, but Typho wasn't about to take that risk, especially not when the consequence would be the death of one of his two most skilled lieutenants.
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Rasper Karger

PostSubject: Re: Jedi Business (Open RP)   Fri Feb 19, 2010 10:54 pm


Rasper walked back to the group and tried to think of a way to stall them. The toydarian got up from feeling the floor.

"Well this hallway looks good, lets move on."

As the toydarian moved its hand away from the floor Rasper saw a small black dot that was left behind. The group continued on but Rasper saw it and knelt down suspicious of anything these ones did. He picked up and from behind his helmet he raised his eyebrow. It was a microphone that could record anything said. As Rasper looked it over the older jedi looked over and saw what Rasper had discovered.

"Leave it alone" the jedi said in a serious tone.

Rasper raised his head staring hard at the jedi thou they couldn't see it from behind his emotionless helmet.

"I will not allow any tampering with this building........I think you should leave." Rasper said in a slightly threatening tone.

The toydarian went behind the jedi with a fear in his eyes.

"this is Jedi business I suggest you respect that." the jedi responded in a similar tone

"You have no grounds to plant these" Rasper said holding up the microphone.

The elder jedi was silent for a minute looking over Rasper and his eyes laid upon Raspers repeater.

"Thats a restricted weapon and by the authority of the jedi council and the Government of Nar Shaddar I hereby place you under arrest on the illegal possession of a restricted weapon."

Rasper glanced back at his weapon and the back to the two jedi who were both standing ready with there hands close to there lightsabers. There was a dead silence between Rasper and the jedi. Rasper stood still and silent then like a flash he grabbed his repeater and swung it around as fast as he could and fired upon the jedi.

The jedi had there lightsaber ignited by the time Rasper fired on them. The older one rushed at Rasper at inhuman speeds deflecting blaster shots as he came. He brought his hand back and then pushed it towards Rasper.

Rasper was suddenly hit in the chest with an invisible force that sent him across the hall and slamming into the wall and his head whip lashed into the hard steel. He slid down and hit the floor with a thud and got to his feet as quick as he could. If not for the armor he would have had at least a few broken ribs. Rasper hit the emergency button on his wrist comp sending a red alert to everybody in the base. He looked over and saw his repeater in the corner having been ripped out of his hand. The jedi had there lightsaber raised ready for another attack. Rasper pulled out his twin combat knives and held them in a combat stance. The two jedi charged at him with there lightsabers held in front of them coming at Rasper with deadly intent.
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Typho Raame

Character sheet
Test: Typho Raame

PostSubject: Re: Jedi Business (Open RP)   Sat Feb 20, 2010 3:56 am

The Commander had nearly reached Rasper's position when he heard the sounds of battle erupting. The ignition of lightsabers, a burst of heavy repeater fire, and then a sickening thud against a wall, as the heavy repeater went silent. A deadly silence followed, and Typho began fearing the worst. As he turned a corner and got a full view of the encounter in front of him, those fears were quashed. Rasper was holding his own, with both combat knives held up in a defensive position. However, against two of those Jedi, he would not last long.

Typho let out the Comitatus Consortium's Battle-cry as he charged forward.

"No Mercy, No Retreat, No Remorse!"

He aimed his pistol at the Jedi warriors in front of Rasper, letting off a few blaster bolts to take their concentration off his comrade and give him time to get into a better position. The Jedi easily blocked the blaster shots, yet it wasn't Typho's intent to kill them that way. As he closed in for close-combat, Typho tossed his DC-15s pistol aside, and withdrew his large black combat knife from its loosened sheath, jumping towards the Jedi Padawan. He would let Rasper have the glory of killing the Jedi Master today.
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Rasper Karger

PostSubject: Re: Jedi Business (Open RP)   Sat Feb 20, 2010 4:37 am

Rasper had been wondering what to do as the jedi began to charge, Just when Rasper was about charge into two lightsaber wielding jedi blaster bolts suddenly hurdled past Rasper and stopping the jedi. Rasper spun his haed around to see Typho running up and launching himself at the padawan catching both jedi off guard. Rasper charged the elder jedi who was distracted trying to save his padawan. The the older jedi went to strike Typho with his lightsaber, Rasper knew he wouldent reach the jedi before he hit Typho so he threw one of his knives. The knife spun throu the air and buried itself into the jedis left arm.

The jedi yelled in pain as his strike missed Typho, Rasper capitalized on the situation and tackled the elder jedi and sending both of them to the floor. Rasper grabbed the knife in the jedi's arm and yanked it out making the jedi send out another scream. Rasper was too preoccupied with pulling the knife out he dident see the jedi's other hand which shot forward and a familiar invisible force sent Rasper off the jedi and a few feet away. The hit was not as powerful as before and Rasper recovered quickly. Rasper rushed the jedi who had gotten his picked up his lightsaber off the ground and ignited it, he held it up in front of him in a defensive stance which met Raspers two knives. The jedi's left arm was useless and he could not stop both knives with one arm. Raspers right knife made contact first and the force knocked the lightsaber away in which Rasper sent the left knife plunging into the jedis right shoulder. The jedi yelled in pain but could do nothing as both arms were lifeless.

The jedi just stared at Rasper trying to see through his tinted mask but all he saw the blank emotion of the helmet.

"How could I possibly lose to you?" he sputtered

Rasper knelt down to the jedi and put his head next to the jedis ear and said in a low voice.

"You werent angry enough"

With that Rasper plunged his knife into the jedi's heart. The jedi coughed up a bit of blood before going limp. The jedi was dead.
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Typho Raame

Character sheet
Test: Typho Raame

PostSubject: Re: Jedi Business (Open RP)   Sat Feb 20, 2010 5:06 am

Typho had immediately seen that the Jedi Padawan was skilled and trained well in the ways of the Force. He seemed very adept at using a lightsaber, but the young Jedi had not realised what he had gotten himself into. Typho charged at the boy, aiming a vicious slash towards his enemy's throat, which the boy just managed to block. Typho was holding his combat knife in a reverse position, with the hilt pointing forwards and the blade aimed behind him. It was far more useful for getting powerful, strong hits. The Padawan lashed out with his lightsaber, but it was not a controlled swing, and Typho battered it away with ease, the Cortosis Weave in his blade doing its job well.

Typho parried another swing towards him, this one more powerful now that the Padawan was more composed. He answered with attacked with two quick attacks, one going diagonally upwards from the Padawan's left hip to right shoulder, then quickly following up with a riposte aimed at the boy's neck. The young man managed to just get his lightsaber up in the way of the first blow, but Typho used the weight of the blade to his advantage, quickly sliding off the lightsaber's beam of light, and continuing his attack anyway.

The Padawan saw what was coming, and tried to jump back, but not before the tip of Typho's blade embedded itself slightly into the boy's neck. He cried out in pain as he jumped away, a trickle of blood flowing down his neck. Typho snarled and launched himself forward, swinging his blade constantly in all sorts of arcs and directions as he ran. The Padawan barely managed to raise his blade in time before the vicious onslaught hit him. Typho never backed down, aiming slash after slash and riposte at every point of the boy's body. The Padawan was tiring, but Typho had barely got started, his body and stamina in the best of shape.

The boy managed to block three more attacks before Typho feinted left, then quickly reversed his attack, riposting his combat knife into the boy's shoulder, whilst at the same time kicking the lightsaber out of the young man's hand. It clattered away and knocked against the wall, as the Padawan yelled out in pain, and fell back, the black blade embedded deep into his shoulder. He was alive, but badly wounded.
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Rasper Karger

PostSubject: Re: Jedi Business (Open RP)   Sat Feb 27, 2010 3:37 am

Rasper left the knife in the jedi's heart and turned to Typho who had subdued the Padawan. Rasper grabbed the boy by his neck and yanked him to his feet then slammed him against the wall. The boy let out a weak cough as his body made contact and a little blood spurted from the wound in his shoulder.

"Id suggest you start talking as to why two jedi have come here and tried to plant bugs."

The padawan said nothing except for letting out a few whimpers of pain. But Rasper would have none of it. He grasped under the boys arms and picked him up of his feet and slammed him into the wall once again. This time the padawan wailed in pain and more blood spurted out. Rasper then grabbed the knife buried in his shoulder and twisted it. The the wail turned to screams as Rasper twisted the knife back and forth.

"whats that, I cant hear you" Rasper said loudly over the padawans screaming "Why did you come here?

The boy breathing heavily with beads of sweat dripping down his forehead finally spoke.

"we-we were s-sent here t-to plant audio bugs al-along the halls and in s-s-some of the employee quarters."

"Why" Rasper said in a demanding tone.

"Because the Galactic Trade Commission is under investigation by the Jedi Order of Nar Shaddar." the boy responded with a out of breath tone.

"Now that wasent so hard now was it"

Rasper let go of the boy and he dropped to the ground curled up in pain. Rasper turned to Typho

"Well commander what should we do about these two?" Rasper said motioning to the boy and a trembling Toydarian who had tried to make himself small in a far corner.
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Typho Raame

Character sheet
Test: Typho Raame

PostSubject: Re: Jedi Business (Open RP)   Sat Feb 27, 2010 4:54 am

Typho was silently enjoying watching Rasper's methods of persuasion. There could be no mercy and no compassion from a Galactic Trade Commission agent, and the Comitatus Consortium were the most ruthless of the lot.

The Commander looked down at the snivelling form of the Toydarian, and then at the ruined body of the Padawan, his breaths coming out as painful, short gasps. Typho had already made up his mind long beforehand as to what to do with their two prisoners. Landing his gaze on Rasper, he gave a cold smile.

"The Toydarian is of no use to us whatsoever. Kill them, and then cut his head off. Send the severed head in a bag to the Jedi Headquarters on Nar Shaddaa. Let that be a message to them for interfering with the GTC. They might pay good credits for the boy. Tell them that we have him as hostage, and that we want them to deliver 80,000 credits to us for his safe return. Add that for every day that they don't come with the 80,000 credits, we'll send one of his fingers to them, and then the price will go up another 10,000 credits. Oh, and make sure that only two Jedi come to claim him. We don't want any unneeded trouble."

Typho spoke in an undertone to his lieutenant, so that their prisoners couldn't hear them.

"Once the Jedi pay us the 80,000 credits, kill them and the Padawan. That'll be an bonus message to them."
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Rasper Karger

PostSubject: Re: Jedi Business (Open RP)   Sat Feb 27, 2010 5:11 am

"yes sir but do we really want the jedi order breathing down our necks especially if we have killed one of there own and have another hostage."

Just as Rasper spoke the Toydarian suddenly made a break for the far hallway towards the door.
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Typho Raame

Character sheet
Test: Typho Raame

PostSubject: Re: Jedi Business (Open RP)   Sat Feb 27, 2010 6:08 am

Typho didn't answer Rasper. His eyes were glued to the fleeing Toydarian. Shaking his head in disgust, he scooped up his DC-15s Blaster Pistol, and took aim at the flying alien. The Commander didn't even hesitate for a second. He pumped two shots into the Toydarian's chest, and one into the back of his head. Wings fluttering, the Toydarian dropped to the durasteel surface, quite clearly dead. Only then did Typho answer Rasper.

"Then what do you suggest? Kill the Padawan now, and ruin any chance of making credits? Or do we give him back to the Jedi Order? Regardless, I want a profit out of this escapade."
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Rasper Karger

PostSubject: Re: Jedi Business (Open RP)   Sun Feb 28, 2010 4:06 am

"Well what if we were able to get the attention off the GTC and on to us and these jedi. If the jedi think that these two here were attacked before they got here then they will shift there attention to us. I think we should move them somewhere so if anyone comes looking after we send demands then they wont find them in this building."
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Typho Raame

Character sheet
Test: Typho Raame

PostSubject: Re: Jedi Business (Open RP)   Sun Feb 28, 2010 7:06 am

Typho pondered the suggestion for a moment, his mind racing through options and consequences. As a criminal leader, he never made a decision or choice without making sure there would be a profit for him and the GTC at the end of the day.

"It sounds like a good plan. Only problem is making sure the little Padawan doesn't squeal on us when we let him go. Or are we still planning on doing what I suggested?"
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Rasper Karger

PostSubject: Re: Jedi Business (Open RP)   Sun Feb 28, 2010 7:33 am

Rasper formed a dangerous smile,

"Who ever said anything about letting him go or live for that matter"

Rasper looked down at the sniveling padawan who was curled up in a ball.

"we will still get our moneys worth but I think we need to get rid of any evidence that they were here."
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Jedi Business (Open RP)
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